7/2/2017 Day 30 of the New Knee Project

I haven’t posted anything in a while.  In the last post, I had driven a little. Now, like Toonses the Driving Cat, I drive all over the town. Only without the carnage. I’m also walking without the walker though I try to keep it handy just in case.  I favor the leg but its getting stronger every day. I’m also mowing the yard again.

6/18/2017 It’s Day 16 of the New Knee.

This morning, I drove a little. Angie took me to the old Sears store parking lot to get a feel for it. Then I drove from there to Kroger for groceries and then home. Then I took her car solo to gas it up. Probably about 10 miles total. I’m not ready for a long trip but that will come and now I can start thinking about driving myself to work and physical therapy.

6/16/2017 It’s Day 14 of Jim’s New Knee Project.

Starting yesterday or the day before, I think I turned a corner. I’m walking better, still with a walker of course but my leg is straighter and more confident with less of a limp.
I saw the surgeon today and the staples were removed as well as the waterproof bandage.
My pain Rx allowed for as many as 8 Hydrocodone per day but I’ve only once needed more than one per day since discharge. I’ve been using Tylenol except at bedtime to help with sleep. I’m going to try to skip that tonight and then test my driving skills on Sunday.