I am a software engineer/architect for a living.  My career started a long time ago at the Arkansas Gazette newspaper.  I was introduced to the then new fangled IBM System/38 which introduced new technologies that are still around today. I continued on with its successor under its many names – AS/400, iSeries, and now IBM i. I wrote applications first in RPG III and now ILE RPG and RPG/free.

Starting about 10 years ago,  I segued into Java development as well. It was slow, not the least because they couldn’t spare me to work on non-RPG applications but now I spend 80% of my time writing and maintaining Java applications using Spring and Hibernate moving RPG applications to Java. Also Javascript, of course, with help from jQuery, jqxWidgets, and DHTMLX.  I also create web sites with WordPress as you might have guessed if you are reading this.

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