2/10/2019 Cargo Hatch

Here’s the new cargo hatch on the camper. As the name implies behind this there will be cargo. Soon after it warms up I’ll probably start painting and putting on the skin. If it seems brighter it’s because I also installed more lights in the ceiling of the garage. the body of the camper was blocking the light so more light.

1/27/2019 NGC 891

Above is a picture of the edge on spiral galaxy known as NGC 891 in Andromeda, discovered by William Herschel perhaps the greatest astronomer ever. I took this Sunday evening at the River Ridge Observatory with my 11″ SCT on a CGEM DX mount and my Canon EOS T5. This is a composite of six 60 second images and my paltry Photoshop skills. I framed the shot to get the other little edge on spiral on the left. I don’t know it’s designation yet. There is also a a fuzzy above it about a third the way from the top.

Below my friend Don Walters imported the picture into PixInsight and ran a script to identify several galaxies. I had spotted three counting the big one, he found eight more. Looks like a star chart with those lines and designations.

Lunar Eclipse 20 January 2019

You’ve already seen plenty of eclipse shots, maybe taken some of your own, here are some of mine. The video is made of of 29 frames taken 5 minutes apart from just before the start of the partial eclipse to about the end of totality when my battery ran down. The Moon appears to rotate as my alt-az mount turned. The single frame shows some stars that came out as we went from Moon light obliterating everything to sixth magnitude stars visible. It was a cold but enjoyable evening.