Birding Resume of James Dixon


To assist organizations like yours in assessing bird populations and densities in specific areas and settings.


Avid birder for a total of 20 years. I bird almost every weekend morning. My family does not ask if I went birding but where.

In 2010, I executed five surveys in Mississippi for the Cerulean Warbler Project run by the Kalamazoo Nature Center. The objective of this ongoing project is to determine the breeding status of Cerulean Warblers in many areas managed by the Army Corp of Engineers.

In 2011, I did several surveys for coastal birds in the same area of the Bald Knob National Wildlife Refuge for the Audubon Coastal Bird Survey.  This project started as an attempt to determine the damage to coastal birds from the BP oil spill but grew into a larger effort to determine populations of shore birds in coastal states and beyond.

In 2012, I ran six additional surveys in Arkansas for the Cerulean Warbler Project managed by the Kalamazoo Nature Center for the Army Corp of Engineers.

In 2017, I did a survey made up of 25 individual point counts in the Caddo-Womble Ranger District of the Ouachita National Forest for the U.S. Forest Service under contract to Land Contracting Services, LLC.


References on request.

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