1/15/2019 Doors and Walls

I believe in the last status report I had hung the door to the camper. Over the last two weekends, I installed a genuine RV latch in that door and then hung the stud it latches to. Then I added some foam backing to the front top and rigid foam to the front. In the last picture, the foam out and backward at a shallow angle for some aerodynamics. I’ve got the foam for the center part but I’m going to leave it out for a bit so that I can access the back of cabin. Unless I make a mistake, two more sheets of rigid foam will be enough for the entire exterior.

12/30/2018 Camper has a Door

And now the camper has a door. The start of a door at least. The hard part, the hanging, is done. I’ll put aluminum angle around the door frame for strength and weather resistance. This might well be the only place where there is plywood on the outside, not counting the underneath. The walls and roof will be rigid foam covered by paint soaked canvas. A technique referred to as “poor man’s fiberglass”. Back to the door, when the latch arrives I will take the door down again and install it and then I’ll put the opposite stud in at the best location.

The Orion Nebula 12/28/2018

On what might be the final clear night of the year, I set up my C11 (Elf) and used my Canon EOS t5 to take this picture. I used BackyardEOS to control the camera. This is 21 30 second images combined. I haven’t done deepsky other than with the stock lens of my camera in a long time and I’ve forgotten the techniques I once knew. The seeing Friday was not as bad as predicted but not great and focus was hard to come by. Once I worked through the details of acquisition, I got my images. After acquisition I remembered my focal reducer/corrector which would have helped, this is prime focus at f/10. Saturday morning I auto aligned in Photoshop and switched back to Lightroom for processing. Click image for a larger view.