9/21/2019 Hinged Storage

Today, for the camper, I added a hinged storage unit (the frame at least) and I think its kinda cool. In its closed position, it fits snugly to the storage that is attached to the wall. Their tops are even so they will have an even top that is about 26×32. The new unit is hinged at the outside surface and opens very smoothly on four 2″ square furniture glides. The wall unit will store items we don’t need as frequently while the slider which will open on the side facing the galley will have stuff we need more often. Since this has nothing to brace to, as the other does, I added wooden triangles to support it and spent most of the day waiting for glue to dry. At every step I remeasured and it all paid off with the two units coming together at the top.

9/15/2019 Galley Framing

So far today, I’ve framed in the galley. I dragged out the stainless steel sink I salvaged from the dilapidated popup tent camper whose trailer became the foundation of this travel trailer. The sink will go over the tire well in the foreground. The top will be melamine board. This frame is attached to the rest with screws only, no glue, in case I ever have to take it out. The frame itself is glued and nailed together. That Porter Cable air compressor with nail guns and stapler has been a wonderful tool. I’ve learned to hold onto scraps in case I find a use but I think I think I outdid myself today. I had a 1/2 inch of board left over from a cut and tossed in the trash can. Later I found myself with a half inch gap that didn’t need to be structurally strong so I fished this out and put glue on both sides and slid it in place.

9/14/2019 Cabinets and Bathrooms

Today I applied the 5mm plywood (same as the walls and floor) to the bathroom (privy, head, loo) up to 4 feet at least and then framed a cabinet. I learned I could make a clean cut to thin plywood with a sharp utility knife and patience. The top of the cabinet will be 36 inches above the floor as will the one on the other side. Use your imagination here, I’m going to build a a second storage unit on gliders that is hinged to the edge of the bathroom. When closed, as it will be most of the time there will be a 32″ by 26″ melamine surface for stuff. It will close and latch hiding the access to both. The other side (not pictured) will be simpler, starting at the tire well like here and extending to the back some 50 inches. It will be the galley and have a sink. Maybe tomorrow I will have a picture of it.