7/10/2020 Comet NEOWISE

I got up at 3:30 and decided to pursue the new Comet NEOWISE aka C/2020 F3). I remembered that the nature trail behind Audubon Arkansas has a hill with a nice view and would be accessible. I decided to ask forgiveness later as no permission would be forthcoming at 3:30 AM. My images aren’t as good as many you have already seen but here we have 28 frames at 3 per second. Each was 4.3 seconds long with my 50mm f/1.8 lens at ISO 800. The star at the top is Menkalinan, the one at the right Mahasim. The comet was visible to the unaided eye once located with binoculars and the tail was about 1.5 degrees long in my 10×42 binoculars.

12/7/2019 Rufous Hummingbird

There is currently a Rufous Hummingbird hanging out in North Little Rock, AR. First reported two of three weeks ago. I finally made it there this morning. Here’s a little video made from 14 shots of it.

3/10/2019 Allen’s Hummingbird

A rare Rufous Hummingbird was reported in Bryant yesterday. I went to see it this morning and was surprised to see what I believe is an Allen’s Hummingbird. These are west coast birds. They are occasionally seen in the east during migration, like now, but they have never been confirmed in Arkansas. An expert was consulted and she thinks it is an Allen’s. So Yay. State Bird Number 350. It was cloudy and only 30 minutes after sunrise so the picture is grainy. As of this writing, the bird has not been seen again.