Whooping Cranes

I had to keep quiet about this for a couple months because these birds are very at risk but there were a couple Whooping Cranes in NE Arkansas over the winter. I got to see them. Sadly the younger one on the right died after being hit by a truck.

Rufous Hummingbird

Rufous Hummingbird visiting Stout House in Little Rock for the third winter in a row. I arrived at 6:30, he was there before I could set up. I watched him for a couple hours.

The Molly Project continues…

To follow up on yesterday’s post, today I took the mirror box and the upper telescope assembly to the River Ridge Observatory so that I determine the proper separation. Besides the sky, the site has a view of another mountain across the valley about two miles away. Since yesterday I attached the focuser and telrad boards to the UTA and added the focuser. You can see my hi-tech boards and clamps.
Note: when walking around with a 16 inch mirror in the sunlight be careful not to burn your retinas out.