Saturn, Mars, and Antares August 24, 2016

Wednesday evening I went outside and took some pictures of a rough alignment of the planets Saturn, Mars and the star Antares. The ruler straight alignment occurred earlier in the day so I had to settle for a slight bend. Vertically from the top, near the center of the frame the bright stars are Saturn, Mars, and Antares. If you know your constellations you can also make out the pincers of the scorpion on the right as Antares is the heart of Scorpius the Scorpion.This was shot with a Canon Rebel T5, 75mm lens, 1 second exposure, at f4.5, ISO 1600.

Saturn, Mars, Antares August 2016 1310

Binocular Mount

I just “finished” this parallelogram binocular mount. I will probably make refinements after using it. The tripod is borrowed from my small Nexstar altazimuth mount. The lumber from leftover bamboo flooring I’ve been holding onto for when I would need it for a project. The counterweights borrowed from a dumbbell set. Those are 7×50 binos you see. I’m going to use this for the Astronomical League’s Binocular Messier Club and maybe more. No idea if I will like binocular astronomy but I will find out. I plan to try the larger binos at the RRO with it as well.

Bino Mount