Mount Magazine State Park 6/11/2011

Sam and I joined ASCA for a field trip to the park Saturday. Here are some pictures from the trip.

Rufous-crowned Sparrow:

Ruby-throated Hummingbird

Assorted butterflies:

Snow Day 2/5/2011

Good snow days are not common in Central Arkansas.  Many is the winter where we get one snow the entire winter. Then it melts quickly.  However, on Saturday the 5th of February we had the best of all worlds. A moderate snowfall, but the roads were clear, and then on a Saturday the sky was mostly clear.  So I packed up the camera and went to Two Rivers Park to see what I could shoot.  I think we got about two inches and it was mostly gone by the next day but I was able to walk around perhaps the only person in the park. I hope you enjoy these.

Snow Two Rivers Park February 2011 043.jpgSnow Two Rivers Park February 2011 040.jpgNorthern Flicker Two Rivers Park February 2011 001.jpgSnow Two Rivers Park February 2011 003.jpgSnow Two Rivers Park February 2011 008.jpgSnow Two Rivers Park February 2011 001.jpgPinnacle Mountain February 2011 002.jpgSnow Two Rivers Park February 2011 037.jpgNorthern Flicker Two Rivers Park February 2011 005.jpg

Fall Foliage Trip 10/31/2010

In the spirit of Halloween, Angie and I forced Samantha to ride with us as we drove into the Ozarks looking for leaves.  Actually, she wanted to go but was tired from her Saturday and slept much of the trip.  We drove up Highway 65 with the idea of checking out a cemetery in Harrison if we didn’t find anything before then.  We didn’t find anything.  There was some change but it just wasn’t that impressive so we kept going north.  I actually didn’t know where the target cemetery was or even its name but once we got to Harrison, I used the Google Maps app on my Black Jack and found one entitled “Maplewood Cemetery”. Since I knew its fall color was due to Maples, I figured I had found my place.  And it was.  The leaves were not perfect but many were changing and it was a beautiful sunny day with loads of polarized sunshine hitting the trees so Angie and I walked all about taking pictures.