Camp Robinson SUA July 4, 2013

I visited Camp Thursday morning hoping for “bugs”.  It was kind a slow but I saw a few. Best of all was the new to me Common Wood-Nymph.  After a bit of asking “what is that?” I was able to do a celebratory fist bump even if by myself. Also seen were Variegated Fritillaries, Black Swallowtails, Red-banded Hairstreaks, first confirmed Halloween Pennant of the season, and American Lady. I’m beginning to appreciate how similar Painted and American Ladies are. In comparing some photos, the main difference from above at least may be that the American has a white spot in the orange. There is another area that is orange in the Painted Lady pictures and orange in the American Lady pictures I’ve seen but I don’t know if that is diagnostic.  I also noted a fair amount of blooming False Dandelion that I did not see 11 days ago at the butterfly count.

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