Pinnacle Mountain State Park 7/6/2013

I walked the Rocky Valley Trail Saturday morning while it was cool.  At the top and bottom there was quite a bit of bird song, Summer Tanager, Carolina Wren, Pine Warbler, Red-eyed Vireo, to name a few but in the middle silence. Along the way I got a picture of a cooperative Carolina Wren, what I think is a Blue-tipped Dancer, and a reluctant Southern Copperhead.  He would not budge and I wasn’t about to place an ankle within striking distance so after a bit I found a long piece of river cane and gently urged him to move along so that I could too.  Note the pits on top of the head of this pit viper.  After the trail, I stopped at their flower garden and picked up a first of season Silver-spotted Skipper, a generic robberfly, and a Prairie Lizard.  Note the blue on the Prairie Lizard.

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