Partial Solar Eclipse 2012

Jack and I joined several CAAS members and about 15-20 members of the public (and one underwhelmed Black Vulture) on the overlook platform at Pinnacle Mountain State Park. The forecast was not good but as you can see below the Sun started to peak out from the clouds just at the eclipse started.  We followed the Sun until it was gone, looking into well protected telescopes and passing around solar shades. One gentleman who had seen the ’72 Nova Scotia eclipse even had a totally exposed sheet of glass film that he had been using ever since.  See the images below, click for a larger view.

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I haven’t tried the Sun in a long time.  Perhaps since the Transit of Mercury years ago.  I tried today with my DSLR.  Focus was a pain and not incredibly satisfactory but I got a few images and was able to stack them  I hope you like it. Click the image for a larger view.


Venus and Jupiter Conjunction

Sam and I just got back from looking at the conjunction this evening.  Venus was of course the much brighter of the two.  The encroaching clouds actually helped a bit giving some variety to the background.  This was with a lens set at 70mm for 2 seconds.