Cook’s Landing (Pfeifer Loop Trail) 11/27/2008

I decided to walk the entire loop this morning while the turkey was cooking. I arrived at 8:15 and walked clockwise around taking about 2:10 to complete the 1.8 mile loop. I saw my first of season Cedar Waxwings, Purple Finch, and Brown Creeper. In all, I identified 27 species. The trail offers a nice alternative to the more populated paved trails at the landing.
Species seen or heard:
• Pied-billed Grebe
• Blue Jay
• Double-crested Cormorant
• Great Blue Heron
• Carolina Chickadee
• American Crow
• Red-bellied Woodpecker
• Song Sparrow
• Tufted Titmouse
• Eastern Towhee
• Downy Woodpecker
• Carolina Wren
• Northern Cardinal
• White-throated Sparrow
• Fox Sparrow
• Mourning Dove
• Purple Finch
• Northern Flicker
• Cedar Waxwings
• American Robin
• Red-shouldered Hawk
• Ruby-crowned Kinglet
• Northern Mockingbird
• Yellow-rumped Warbler
• Brown Creeper
• Ring-billed Gull
• Bonaparte’s Gull

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