Gillam Park 3/8/2009

I went to Gillam Park in SE Little Rock this morning. My first trip there since the Little Rock CBC. I arrived at 8:45 and if that sounds late, remember that Daylight Savings time started today. I walked about 2 miles total, far short of a full visit, when rain interrupted my fun. Not wanting to short out my camera, I left at 9:55. I did see my first Hairy Woodpecker of the year, in fact since I got back into birding two years ago this month Gillam Park is the only place where I’ve seen Hairies.

Species seen or heard:
• Carolina Wren
• European Starling
• Northern Cardinal
• Blue Jay
• American Robin
• Eastern Phoebe
• Turkey Vulture
• Northern Flicker
• Pileated Woodpecker
• Ruby-crowned Kinglet
• White-throated Sparrow
• American Crow
• Eastern Towhee
• Tufted Titmouse
• Hairy Woodpecker
• Red-bellied Woodpecker
• Carolina Chickadee

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