Holla Bend NWR & Lake Dardanelle 1/2/2010

I wanted to check out Lake Dardanelle as I hadn’t been there in a while so Angie and I left the house early Saturday morning.  Following that axiom of land birds early, water birds later, we went to Holla Bend first.  Things were kind of slow there but I did walk down a short trail off the river section of the auto trail and found quite a few Ring-billed Gulls, cormorants and herons.  Later I was able to add Western Meadowlark to my state and year lists through their song.

At Lake Dardanelle, we saw many Ring-billed Gulls and American Coots, one Herring Gull, about 15 American White Pelicans, and a smattering of other birds.  Overall, it was kind of disappointing but better than sitting at home.


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