Lollie Road 5/10/2008

This was my first trip to this region near the Arkansas River. Take Highway 89 N from the Mayflower exit on I-40. Follow 89N probably 10 miles or so until it deteriorates and becomes Lollie Road. Follow this road as it deteriorates even more to gravel and passes assorted farm land. You should definitely use YahooMaps or something to provide a map. Eventually Lollie Road will meet Highway 60 in Conway to make going home easier. This list is what I encountered along the road. I arrived at 2:40. Got to the end of the agricultural area of Lollie Road at 4:00. The Yellow-headed Blackbird was one of the target birds.

Species seen or heard:
• Yellow-headed Blackbird
• Indigo Bunting
• Scissor-tailed Flycatcher
• Dickcissel
• Red-winged Blackbird
• Northern Mockingbird
• Carolina Wren
• Mourning Dove
• Bobolink
• American Crow
• Blue-winged Teal
• American Coot
• Canada Goose
• Barn Swallow
• Cliff Swallow
• Bank Swallow
• Eastern Meadowlark
• Eastern Kingbird
• Eastern Bluebird
• Northern Cardinal

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