11 Inch Elf

I haven’t made a big deal about it yet, not sure why, but a week ago I upgraded my 9.25″ Schmidt Cassegrain Telescope to 11″. That’s right, this one goes to 11. This is a Celestron 11 with Starbright coatings and a carbon tube. Yes, you are correct it is also Fastar compatible. I bought it from my friend Chris and debuted it at the star party last Saturday to many oohs and a few aahs. An 11 inch SCT has been my goal for a while, like years, it’s large but not outrageously expensive or too heavy to tote around. By happy coincidence it barely fits in the lightly padded tub I kept the 9.25″ in. Also, C eleven rolls off the tongue much easier than C nine and a quarter.
The carbon tube is more thermally stable than aluminum so it should retain focus better as a night progresses. I don’t have a Fastar or Hyperstar adapter for it but should I get one I could start imaging at F2. I’ve expended my astronomy credits for the foreseeable future so unless I when a contest I probably won’t get one anytime soon. However, you can expect to be seeing “Elf” (German for Eleven) at a star party near you.

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