Finale of the Extreme Makeover Telescope Edition

If I had a schedule I guess I’d be about 10 months behind it. You may remember last summer’s Extreme Makeover Telescope Edition. I put a lot of work into turning a 10 inch tube assembly into a working Dobsonian reflector. Then I got a 9.25″ SCT and the 10″ just didn’t seem so important. Well, after working on the Library Telescope Project with CAAS and CALS I got energized again and decided to finish the project. See the picture.  We had first light about a week ago and the Moon looked just fine.  The yellow elastic band acts as a variable counterweight and seems to be just right.

I plan to use this on my quest for the Astronomical League’s Messier Club which does not allow for the use of goto mounts.  I’ve seen them all before, I’ve even photographed them all before (though I’ve lost them) but now I start over.  I plan to also work on the binocular version of the same club.

And In The End

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