3/3/2019 More Fun with Poor Man’s Fiberglass

More fun with Poor Man’s Fiberglass. Yesterday I did the top of the tapered front end. This morning I did the two sides. Because it tapers, these sides range from about 4′ tall to 5′ tall and about 3′ wide. I did both sides. I am using 4’x12′ painter’s canvas from Harbor Freight. I’ve not actually measured them before washing yet but they apparently shrink up substantially in the wash. I washed this one twice to get the lint out (I could make my own paper with the amount of lint that came out of the dryer). Anyway, it is still most of 4′ wide but only about 10′ long now. As long as they don’t shrink any more than that I can cut them in half and that will be long enough for a side. Since these wrapped around each side about a foot I can probably finish each side with one tarp. Two for the back and two for the top. I have three in stock so I’ll need to get three more. I used about 80% of a gallon of the primer. At $26/gallon Glidden Gripper is a little pricey but it’s called Gripper for a reason.

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