3/9/2019 Skinning

I know you’ve been waiting to hear about the camper. Saturday morning I applied canvas skin to the rest of the walls. Three sides in all. I expected it to go much faster than last weekend and it did. Here’s me applying a squeegee to the canvas which is wet with primer and then a wider view after I was done for the day. Just so you know, its the XL hazmat suit that makes me look like I put on 25 pounds. If you are wondering about the lack of windows, they will be in the flip up panels. Once dry, I can apply as many coats on cheap brand paint and then a not so cheap top coat. I spotted an “Elastomeric Roof Coating” that looks like it would do a good job. Some camper makers have used that before with success. Waterproof, mold resistant, UV resistant, etc, that appears to like it would do well.

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