9/14/2019 Cabinets and Bathrooms

Today I applied the 5mm plywood (same as the walls and floor) to the bathroom (privy, head, loo) up to 4 feet at least and then framed a cabinet. I learned I could make a clean cut to thin plywood with a sharp utility knife and patience. The top of the cabinet will be 36 inches above the floor as will the one on the other side. Use your imagination here, I’m going to build a a second storage unit on gliders that is hinged to the edge of the bathroom. When closed, as it will be most of the time there will be a 32″ by 26″ melamine surface for stuff. It will close and latch hiding the access to both. The other side (not pictured) will be simpler, starting at the tire well like here and extending to the back some 50 inches. It will be the galley and have a sink. Maybe tomorrow I will have a picture of it.

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