9/29/2019 Camper Saga Continues

These pictures are from Friday the 27th. The swinging cabinet with hidden storage compartment (I guess the latch might be a tell-tale giving away the secret), the galley with sink, and finally the rear view camera with its temporary tape to hold cables in place.Saturday I took the trailer to the River Ridge Observatory to spend the night. I drove it up in the morning because I had never driven it farther than 20 feet and wanted to avoid traffic. I failed to take into account the Big Dam Bridge 100 Bike Race which goes along Highways 300 and 113, the two ways to get to RRO from Little Rock. The rear view camera did a good job except when we were around a lot of interference like traffic lights and such.The second set of images are from Sunday morning the 29th before I drove home.It still needs work on the flip up walls/lift up roof but that is the most complicated part of the structure.I also need to practice my backing up skills.

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