Arkansas Post National Memorial and Burns Park 7/3/2010

Sam and I got up early Saturday, actually she stayed up all night, and went to Arkansas Post National Memorial. This is where the July ASCA field trip is going but I was looking forward to several possible year birds and went early.  The boundary of the memorial is along a shallow lake (not sure what the term for the habitat is) and as soon as we crossed over we saw FOY Anhingas and Common Moorhen.  Further in, we saw two juvenile Bald Eagles still hanging out at the nest.  They were too far away for decent pictures but there was an Anhinga and Moorhen who were more obliging.

Later in the day, about 6 PM, I went to Burns Park in hopes of Painted Bunting and found two.  Though not rare this time of year, everyone likes PABUs and so I thought I would mention them.  They were at mile marker 6.25, near plum thickets, on the River Trail about 3/4 the distance between the southwestern most parking area in Burns Park and the intersection of the River Trail and the Northshore Trail.

Sunday, I plan to go to Magazine Mountain State Park for Rufous-crowned Sparrow and butterflies.

Here are pictures of the obliging Anhinga and Common Moorhen. I hope you like them.


Common Moorhen

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