Bell Slough WMA 9/4/2010

I birded Bell Slough Saturday morning.  I started at the dam on the north side and wrapped up with a short visit to the main entrance on the south side.  I had my best birds of the excursion as I arrived when about 12 Common Terns flew over apparently leaving Lake Conway.  Inside the WMA I quickly noticed I had forgotten rubber boots as my shoes became soaked through from the dew.  It won’t surprise you to learn the water is way down there like so many places.  It was not incredibly birdy but I did see a Canada Warbler, a Yellow-throated Warbler, and an Alder Flycatcher along with 20 other species of more common birds.

The south side was quiet, perhaps due to the time of day but I only saw 10 species there and nothing notable. Just too dry maybe.

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