Fourth of July Weekend 2009

It started Thursday evening, the 2nd.  Angie, Samantha, and I went to a Twilight stroll event at PMSP starting at 8:30.  James Mullins was the interpreter and we were the only public attendees.  We saw several bats in the gathering gloom plus one raccoon across the Little Maumelle River and then close up one beaver as he walked to the river.

Friday morning I went to Lake Conway to drive around in hopes of seeing the nesting Bald Eagles or Osprey that had been reported there. I found a new public access point but did not see those birds.

Friday evening, I took Jack, Sam, and her friend Brandon to PMSPVC to a paddleboat event and we paddled around the quarry lake for a bit.  I believe I heard a coyote and we saw a skunk on the way there.  It was fun.

Saturday morning, the 4th, I birded Cook’s Landing.  There was nothing extraordinary there except one armadillo but I did get 36 species in 2 hours in July.

Saturday afternoon, I took the kids to the Clinton Presidential Library to see the space exhibit. It was fun but we were all ready to come home.

Sunday was the big event. Angie and I went to Mount Magazine State Park for a second attempt at the Rufous-crowned Sparrow.  It would be a state bird for me.  Luckily we arrived during an interlude between rain spells. With the help of park interpreter Don Simons, we found one.

Later Sunday, I was getting bored at home so when the Sun came out and the forecast looked good, I headed to PMSPVC again to bird the Rocky Valley and East Quarry Trails.  Despite the mild temperature the humidity seemed around 100% and I got soaking wet from sweat.  I did see some warblers though plus plenty of hummers at the feeders and one chipmunk.  Luckily I finished when I did though, while it seemed to clear up while I was hiking before I could drive home thunderstorms appeared from no where and drenched the area.

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