Garvan Woodland Gardens 8/31/2008

We went to this U of A facility on Lake Catherine, arriving at about 9:30. The main attraction is of course the flowers but I was ready to record the birds I encountered. Sad to say, there weren’t nearly as many flowers as there was this spring but as my son said, “It is August, Dad.” I did notice that they had plenty of naturally colorful leaves to make up for the lack of flowers. We stayed about two hours.

Species seen or heard:
• Carolina Chickadee
• Carolina Wren
• American Crow
• Tufted Titmouse
• American Robin
• Blue Jay
• Downy Woodpecker
• Pileated Woodpecker
• Red-bellied Woodpecker
• Mourning Dove
• Ruby-throated Hummingbird
• Summer Tanagerr

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