Gillam Park 4/11/2015

I birded Gillam Park in southeast Little Rock Saturday morning. I counted 36 species of birds including the Kentucky Warbler below.  He was cooperative probably because he was in his secret place.  Other birds weren’t as cooperative and I had to settle for views with binoculars only.  Also seen were an Eight-spotted Forester,  a dew covered Eastern-tailed Blue and many Horace’s Duskywings (unless they were Juvenal’s Duskywings).  Other good birds were Little Blue Heron, Chimney Swift, Ovenbird, Blue-winged Warbler, Tennessee Warbler, Nashville Warbler, Hooded Warbler, and Purple Finch.

Kentucky Warbler Gillam Park April 2015 2321 Eight-spotted Forester Gillam Park April 2015 2346
 Eastern Tailed-Blue Gillam Park April 2015 2335  Horace's Duskywing Gillam Park April 2015 2353

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