Lake Maumelle 11/15/2008

I went to the Western Rest Area this morning. Angie and Samantha also joined me. We arrived at about 7:45. It was cold with a strong biting wind. I was just here 24 hours earlier but then it was 10-15 degrees warmer and not windy and it was birdier then than today. We walked along the bridge and back, saw a few things but it was a bit disappointing. The highlight was two immature Bald Eagles over the lake. Left at about 8:50.

Species seen or heard:
• Bald Eagle
• American Crow
• Belted Kingfisher
• Carolina Wren
• Pied-billed Grebe
• Turkey Vulture
• Bufflehead
• Great Blue Heron
• Ring-billed Gull
• Common Loon
• Horned Grebe

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