Lakes Sylvia and Huston in Ouachita National Forest

Karen Holliday, Sam, and I went to Lake Sylvia in the Ouachita National Forest Sunday.  Due to the clouds and wind, the birding was slow but we did pick up FOS Summer Tanagers and a pair of nesting Red-shouldered Hawks.  I did find a new life moth – the Grape Leafroller Moth.  After Sylvia, we went to a forest service lake that we were told about called Lake Huston near Perryville.  By the time the Sun was shining more and the insect life picked up there.  I found a life butterfly, the Hoary Edge (cool name, huh?) and there were several very striking Blue Corporeal dragonflies.  We also picked up FOS Chimney Swifts there and Prairie Warbler on Highway 10 on the way back.  None of my bird pictures turned out but some of the insects did. I hope you like them. Right click image to see an enlargement.

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