Life Bird

Sam and I joined the Audubon Society of Central Arkansas yesterday on a field trip to Southwest Arkansas looking for the elusive Cave Swallow.  Thanks to Charles Mills we found them at a place called First Old River Lake in Miller County. The lighting was lousy and I don’t think any pictures are salvageable but Charles had managed to spot one from a crowd of mixed swallows almost immediately. We all had good looks. Also on the wire were representatives of every swallow species in Arkansas save Purple Martin.  On the far side of the small lake were Roseate Spoonbills, a first for the year, Great Blue & Tricolored Heron, Great & Snowy Egrets, dark Ibis either Glossy or White-faced, Anhinga and Bald Eagles. Though dreary and threatening rain all the while it was a successful trip culminating in a new life bird for Sam and myself.

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