Lonoke & Holla Bend CBCs 1/2/11 & 1/5/11

I decided to do more CBCs this year in attempt to finish out the year with a bang.  As it turned out, several of those that I might have been interested in were on week days and I was busy at work and two of three I wound up doing were in January so I started with a bang rather than finish with one.  On Sunday, I joined Bill Holliman and others for Lonoke.  It started out cold but sunny with little wind. We didn’t come across anything unusual but by the end of the day we had about 66 species.

Three days later, I joined Dan Scheiman and others for the Holla Bend NWR CBC.  It was another cold and sunny but wind free day,  We had the area around the observation tower and including “County Loop Rd” in New Neely where Bewick’s Wren and Harris Sparrow’s can be found.  We did in fact find those species and 66 more including a good look at two Barred Owls who were as surprised as we were.

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