May Day, 2011

I started the Sunday morning planning to bird Pinnacle Mountain State Park.  I knew it had rained overnight but had no idea how much.  I found part of Chenal Parkway closed and when I got around that, I found Highway 300 closed just north of Highway 10.  I decided to come around the other way via Pinnacle Valley Road but found it to also be closed where County Farm Road split off from it.  I decided to go down to the River Trail entrance under the I-430 bridge.  There I saw three floating docks, presumably from the private marina next to Maumelle Park floating in the Big Maumelle River waiting to join the Arkansas River.  At this point I decided to go home.  It was only after I got home that I learned we had had 4.5 inches of rain overnight.

After reading the many account of flooding, I’m glad I live on a hill.  Although that is no guarantee against water problems.  Susan Staffeld was stranded inside Pinnacle Mountain State Park.

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