New Life Bird 12/3/2011

A Brewer’s Sparrow was reported at Woolsey Wet Prairie in Fayetteville Wednesday. Friday evening, Karen called to see if I’d be interested in chasing it.  So, Saturday Sam & I met her, Dan, Dottie, and Doris at the Carpet Barn for nearly three hour trek.  There we met Joe Neal who would serve as our guide.  The temperature was supposed to be about 50 but the 20 MPH wind made it feel much cooler and inhibit birding opportunities.  We were there for two hours and really saw very few birds considering the time spent.  However, we did get to see the bird soon after arrival. I managed to squeeze off one moderately acceptable picture but for the most part this and all other sparrows stayed under the brush to avoid the wind.  After that sighting, we walked around looking for our second target bird – American Tree Sparrow. We managed to site three or four of those, adding a second life bird for Sam, Dottie, and Doris.  Our third target, Harris Sparrow was a no show.  The exhausted group headed home with rain drops nipping at our heels.

Brewer's Sparrow Woolsey Wet Prairie December 2011