Thanksgiving Birding 2009

This Thanksgiving morning, I put the turkey in the oven and then headed to Bell Slough WMA for a few hours (leaving people at home to watch the bird).  Figuring that hunters might be less plentiful at the main entrance, especially on Thanksgiving, that is where I went.  There was one vehicle there and I had birded for over 30 minutes before hearing my first shotgun blasts and those were in the distance.  I walked the big waterfowl rest area first then took to the trail after the rest area seemed rather slow.  I did hear what might have been a hunter’s duck call in the rest area but the birds weren’t distressed nor was there ever any shooting going on.  It was mainly Coots.  I can’t say I saw anything exotic.  Later after the meal and processing pictures from the day, I went to Lake Maumelle to see if there were anything exciting there.  Again it was kind of slow there.


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