Weekend Birding 11/28/2009 & 11/29/2009

Saturday morning I went to Two Rivers Park and birded the backwater, the field north of the main trail, and then the horse trail.  I saw a reasonable number and variety of birds but nothing unusual.  I hoped one of the Eastern Meadowlarks would morph into a Western but none obliged me.  Later I went the Terry Library and was greeted by Cedar Waxwings as I got out.  Yay!

Sunday, I decided to do various points on Lake Maumelle.  I started with a closed road north of the Lyon Nursery Pond.  It is marked “no trespassing” but I had previously gotten an okay from CAW to birds these areas.  Right after the gate the road goes up a steep hill that elevates your heart and breath rates but the path was otherwise never hard.  It opens up to a bay that probably only boat people ever see.  It was cool, in its newness, and I hope CAW will open it or the abandoned marina on the other side up but I didn’t see anything unusual there.

Then I went to Vista Point and scoped the area.  After a bit, I spied a Pacific Loon floating with several of his more Common cousins.  Since they were together I was able to make direct comparisons to make the identification easier.  Nothing else unusual was seen there or at other points on the lake on my way back.

Where I found the Pacific Loon:

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