The Molly Project continues …

I’ve been doing mostly small stuff on the scope since the last post but today I made a couple of major steps forward.

  1. I cut the Ebony Star Formica for the altitude bearings and glued them to same. I’m waiting for the contact cement to cure.
  2. Took the relevant parts back to the River Ridge Observatory for second measuring session. This time I also took my truss rods so that I could mark them. Then I cut them. I cut them long (hopefully) and will remove a little at a time until they are just right.

I’m very close to first complete assembly but I didn’t want to mess up the contact cement by rushing it. After that will come the trimming of excess truss rod mentioned above, plus excess board for focuser and telrad, probably balancing. Truth be told the design doesn’t allow for proper balancing in advance. Hopefully it will be bottom heavy as that will be easier to address.

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