Weekend Birding 3/5/2010 to 3/7/2010

I had Friday off so I started at Two Rivers Park doing something unusual for me, the main paved trail all the way to the tip and back. It’s a round trip of three miles. I didn’t see anything unusual but did pick up Wood Duck, American White Pelican, six species of sparrow (none rare), plus 27 other species of bird.

On Saturday, Karen Holliday and I went to Lake Dardanelle and returned by way of Lake Maumelle. At Lake Dardanelle, we saw about 150 Ruddy Ducks, one adult Lesser Black-backed Gull, one Herring Gull, two Yellow-bellied Sapsuckers, 12 Cedar Waxwings, and one two week early Northern Rough-winged Swallow. Plus plenty of more common birds. At Lake Maumelle, we saw 13 Common Loons, a few Horned Grebes, and the Pacific Loon that has been seen there for several weeks.

Sunday, Karen, Sam and I birded Cook’s Landing. We walked parts of the Isabella Jo, Pfeiffer Loop, Northshore, and River Trails and saw a total of 39 species including one Mute Swan on the river. We also saw a single Ring-necked Duck in the backwater, a species I had never seen there.


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