7/16/2016 Saturn, Mars, and Jupiter

It was a hot and muggy night. And there may have been chiggers too. Its for sure the air was not as tranquil as I hoped. However, I was able to capture these images of three of our neighbors.All images where taken in red light with my monochrome ASI120MM. In reverse order from how the shots were taken, Saturn was the star of the evening with detail showing in the rings and the belts in the atmosphere.and I think I might be able to make out a little of the polar hexagon. Mars is getting farther away quickly and so is smaller than a month ago. It is also now showing a gibbous phase instead of the “Full Mars” of a few weeks ago. I was able to get some detail but Mars always leaves you wanting more. Finally, Jupiter is past its prime for the year. Getting lower in the west every day it suffers from more air. It was lower than the other two and that is saying something. Also it doesn’t record as well in red light for some reason. Note the two large storms on Jupiter. I’d say one was the Great Red Spot but it should not have been there when the shot was taken so I don’t know what they are.


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