Mars & Saturn 6/11/2016

After a few middling shots of Jupiter with the color ASI120MC, I decided to go gray with his brother the monochrome ASI120MM using color filters. Mars was first and I chose red since it supposedly shows more detail with a red filter.  I stuck with prime focus as the seeing wasn’t good enough for a barlow. I think things turned out pretty good.  This is a stack of the best 20% of 10,000 3ms frames.Mars_20160611_Red_3ms_20pct_of_10000

Next up was Saturn, I stuck with red because it was in there. I was so impressed I stuck with red. I did later try a light blue filter but it blocked so much light I went back to red.  There was so much detail I may just switch to monochrome with a filter wheel. The two cameras have the same number of pixels but since one is color it effectively has a third the pixels of the other.  This was a stack of 20% of 4000 37ms frames, note the exposure was almost 10x that of Mars.


Now check this out, here is how Saturn came out after stacking with no other refinements. When I saw this I knew I was on to something.Saturn straight from stacking

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