Jupiter & Hand Controller Wednesday night

The seeing looked good for Wednesday and I hadn’t tried to image since Memorial Day weekend and I had a new hand controller I was itching to try so I set up scope in the backyard and shot Jupiter.  The seeing wasn’t as good as I hoped, it never is, but I managed to get this shot.  The smudge in the upper right is Callisto which will be transiting Jupiter shortly.  Despite the seeing I was able to get some detail.  Mars and Saturn will be up later but I can’t see them from my backyard so they can wait. Maybe Friday.
Regarding the hand controller, some of you may remember my scope has had pointing problems for a while.  After an alignment it would get way off. It would usually track okay but goto sucked when it acted up. I thought maybe if I updated the firmware that would help.  I contacted Celestron for their opinion because they are the experts. The guy I talked to thought otherwise and felt I might need to send the mount in.  “What do they know?” I thought.  I bought the cables and connectors needed to update the firmware and was able to do that and it seemed to help a lot. But then at that last imaging session it started all over.  So I threw the dice and gambled $100 that it was still the controller and bought a new one.  Tonight I set up, I couldn’t see Polaris so I got it level and lined the mount up with where the compass in my phone said north was and entered the time and location and did a one point solar system alignment.  Jupiter. Even with the lazy alignment it slewed to within a half a degree of the target.  I centered and aligned and it tracked really well for the next hour till I turned it off.  Drift shows up really well when imaging at f/10.  Yay!Jupiter_2016_06-09

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