Two Planets and the Moon

I wanted to image Mars & Saturn last night but things got in the way. The I woke up at 2:15, seemed to be awake, and remembered that I had left the gear in the car and so I took off for the soccer fields behind First Security on Highway 10. Let me tell you, you can have the place all to yourself at 3 AM. The seeing was not so good and both planets were past the meridian and getting lower with each minute so I eschewed the Barlow and shot prime focus. After shooting the planets I tried a couple features on the Moon, Grimaldi and Byrgius. I hope you like.
Moon-Byrgius 2016-05-29 Moon-Grimaldi-2016-05-29

conv_Mars_160529_082909_e11111111_b3_ap14 conv_Sat_160529_084305_e11111111_b3_ap28

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