Bell Slough 10/11/2008

After hearing that a Sora had been seen at the waterfowl protection area of Bell Slough on Thursday, I decided to go there today to see if I could add this to my life list. I arrived at 8:37 AM and walked the perimeter and back. I did hear a call that sounded like the sound of that bird but I did not actually see one. I did see a few first of season Swamp Sparrows and other birds. Left at 10 AM.

Species seen or heard:
• Great Egret
• Great Blue Heron
• Blue Jay
• Red-winged Blackbird
• Carolina Wren
• Belted Kingfisher
• Killdeer
• Double-crested Cormorant
• Red-bellied Woodpecker
• Pileated Woodpecker
• Carolina Chickadee
• Swamp Sparrow
• Eastern Phoebe

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