Two Rivers Park 10/4/2008

I arrived at the park at 8 AM and the weather was not looking good. Thunderstorms were slowly approaching from the west. I walked along the west side of the backwater and then the grassy field north of the trail and then the start of the horse trail before the rain was imminent and I decided to leave. Probably the highlight was two Gray Catbirds and a Sedge Wren. I had heard a catbird there last weekend but this time I got good looks at the two individuals. The Sedge Wren was neat, uncommon but not rare. I left the park at 9:45 AM.

Species seen or heard:
• Sedge Wren
• Gray Catbird
• American Crow
• Blue Jay
• Northern Mockingbird
• Scissor-tailed Flycatcher
• European Starling
• Red-shouldered Hawk
• Red-winged Blackbird
• Wood Duck
• Chipping Sparrow
• Red-bellied Woodpecker
• American Coot
• Carolina Wren
• Pileated Woodpecker
• Northern Cardinal
• Mourning Dove
• Brown Thrasher
• Great Blue Heron
• Carolina Chickadee
• Northern Flicker

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